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Main Page Lights over Mars CD

The Lights over Mars-CD-ROM Version 2.0 includes an huge archive with objects from the most well-known science fiction-visions. All objects are copyrighted by the original movie-companies. You are allowed to use them for personal usage only. For more information please read the readme-files in the object-archives of the cd-rom.

You can find the objects sorted after the science fiction-vision, the name of the object and at last after the ray tracing-programm, Imagine, Lightwave or Monzoom.

Lights over Mars is more than just a cd-rom, itīs a growing archive! So it will be updated. The latest update-information you find here on this page or you can also receive it with our newsletter.

Some of the objects include technical information, with that you can compare the objects of the different science fiction-visions and even cross-over is possible.

LOM is a 100%-Amiga-cd-rom, beside that you can use it with the right software also on other computer-platforms. Tested under Amiga OS 3.5 and Windows 95.